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Central NJ Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Entering into marriage is a joyous time. The coupling of two lives provides opportunity for growth and development, and provides a foundation to establish a family. Making the most of marriage and what it has to offer requires that you take the time to educate yourself about how different people handle complex marital issues such as the merger of two separate financial lives.

Especially for those with significant income or assets, or those who are beginning a career that is historically financially rewarding, it is important to discuss what options are available.  Prenuptial agreements can help minimize confusion and reserve assets for particular parties such as children from a previous marriage.  Prenuptial agreements allow a couple to create a plan for maximizing the financial strengths each brings to the marriage. It can also be used to create stability in that all manner of eventualities can be planned for in advance.

For those who have been previously married, a prenuptial agreement can be the preferred method of reserving particular assets for children from that marriage.


Helping Individuals and Families Prepare for the Future with Prenuptial Agreements

At Law Offices of W.S. Gerald Skey, we work with clients to craft exceptional prenuptial agreements that meet the individual’s specific needs, raising issues that perhaps the client had not considered before meeting with an attorney. Too often, people find out too late that their prenuptial agreement was not carefully drafted and is not enforceable. We know how to craft agreements that are able to withstand the highest levels of legal scrutiny to ensure that your goals are achieved.

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