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It is all too easy to believe that a simple solution is available to complex problems like divorce or the equitable distribution of property. With all of the online options that purport to be able to help you handle a divorce or property settlement without the aid of an attorney, even a discerning person might make the mistake of taking their assertions as valid and adequate legal advice.


The unfortunate reality is that too many people fail to take the necessary precautions when they are working on a divorce settlement agreement or a property settlement agreement without the aid of an attorney, and they end up doing themselves more harm than good. Signing a marital settlement agreement or property settlement agreement without first consulting a skilled and knowledgeable attorney can result in harmful financial consequences.

Divorce is a complex process that varies entirely based on the specific circumstances of a given family. It is not a simple formula of just dividing the house, the car and the furniture. People who are not experienced in these matters routinely leave out critical matters for consideration. This creates major problems as these agreements are contracts and it is very difficult to add or change anything after the fact.

The best way to ensure that everything is done right the first time is to have an attorney who has helped others successfully navigate the same process you are about to go through.

Helping Individuals and Families Secure Marital Settlement Agreements and Property Settlement Agreements that Work

At Law Offices of W.S. Gerald Skey, we have extensive experience in helping people through the challenges of divorce and other family law issues. We know what considerations need to be included to ensure that all potential matters are addressed by your agreement. From taxes to orthodontists, we can help you build an agreement that acts as a solid foundation on which you can begin building the next chapter of your life.

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