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Princeton Based Greater Central NJ Domestic Violence Attorneys

domestic-violenceNo one should have to live with violence in their home or their relationship. If you have experienced violence within your marriage or another significant personal relationship, there are steps you can take to begin protecting yourself.

Securing a temporary restraining order or TRO is often the first thing that you should do at your County Family Court or your local police department if it is after hours. It is critical to include all of the history of the domestic violence in the TRO, as well as request temporary custody and support so that you have financial resources for yourself and your family during the pendency of the case.

A TRO can help you by creating a legally enforceable order that requires your abuser stay away from you. This includes:

• Physical contact
• Contact by phone
• Contact by e-mail
• Contact by mail
• Contact by third party

While a TRO grants a great deal of relief, it can be abused by individuals who do not truly have a valid basis to seek the relief but do so anyway to gain an advantage in the relationship, often when a divorce is imminent or pending. The defendant in a TRO situation is removed from the home, which can place a significant financial burden on a family. We are experienced in handling domestic violence matters from both sides, to helps clients to obtain the specific relief they need.

Helping Individuals and Families Take Action Against Domestic Violence

At Law Offices of W.S. Gerald Skey, our attorneys understand how to look at the circumstances of your domestic violence situation to obtain the relief that is appropriate for you. We can help you construct a petition for a TRO that takes into account the intricacies of your particular situation, including financial matters. We also are successful at helping clients prepare for and complete a Final Restraining Order hearing which is the final step of resolving a domestic violence claim.

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