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Ensuring that the amount of child support paid is accurate and appropriate is a very important matter for both the receiving parent and the parent who is paying. Levels that are set too high can leave the paying parent unable to keep his or her household afloat financially. Levels that are too low can keep the custodial parent struggling to meet his or her child’s basic needs.

Child-SupportWe assist with ensuring that appropriate child support levels are set as well as the process of ending child support obligations through emancipation.  The courts follow the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines to determining child support levels. There is a child support calculator built into the guidelines. The court enters certain factors into the calculator to arrive at an appropriate child support level.

Those factors include:

• Income
• Daycare expenses
• Health care expenses

The formula used in calculating child support levels is the same for everyone up to a certain household income level. For high-income earning families whose household income exceeds the Child Support Guidelines, child support must be calculated by taking into account a number of factors that require analysis. The challenge is to ensure that that income and the other inputs are correct. For example, it can be difficult to determine income for someone who is self-employed.

This is why it is important to have a skilled attorney working with you. If the correct numbers are not used in your child support calculation formula, you can end up with inappropriate child support levels that cheat you and your children.

Helping Individuals and Families Secure Appropriate Child Support

At Law Offices of W.S. Gerald Skey, our attorneys have years of experience in helping people secure child support that will work for them and their children. We know what an important issue child support is and how contentious it can become. We will work to ensure that all inputs into the child support calculator are appropriately characterized to help you and your family have a sound financial future.

Emancipation and Child Support

There is an assumption that child support obligations end automatically when a child reaches 18 years of age. This is not necessarily the case in New Jersey. If the child remains within the sphere of influence of the parent, or if he or she is in college, for example, he or she will not be considered emancipated and child support obligations may continue although often modified by reason of additional college expenses. We can help you explore your options when emancipation becomes an issue.

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