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When parties divorce, conventional wisdom senses “dispute.” In those marriages where there is a significant disparity in the earned income of the parties, we can safely predict that the dispute will focus on money whether in terms of alimony or child support. In order to provide a... Read more

The subject of domestic violence has received a great deal of attention recently in the national news prompted by incidents involving professional athletes. Unfortunately, this epidemic has been known to family attorneys and the Courts for many years, and the Courts have seen an ever... Read more

One of the least understood issues that arise in matrimonial matters is how New Jersey treats college expenses. Some states do not consider college expenses as a child’s “right” and for that reason, the Courts in those jurisdictions leave the issue squarely up to the parents. New... Read more

The first line of Rudyard Kipling’s memorable poem “If” reads, “If you can keep your head, while all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you….”  I have found that this line is critical to the divorce process which, by its nature, is... Read more

Princeton, NJ – Aug 19, 2015   Law offices of W.S. Gerald Skey starts new blog page.  Come back soon for... Read more

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